Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right epublisher?

I've asked author Ginger Simpson whose been writing for years, and published since 2003 to drop by Romancing the Pen to discuss her experiences, and what she thinks about epublishers.

Ginger's release Hurricane Warning will be available from Muse It Up Publishing January 2011.

My first book, Love's Chance, was released by Red Rose Publishing in February 2010. I was absolutely amazed at the volume of sales. The camaraderie among the authors allowed me to be able to promote my book through various blogs, Internet radio shows, and more.

I pitched Love's Chance during a free Internet conference to the head editor of Red Rose Publishing, and low and behold...five months later I was published. I received my first royalty check three months after that, and nearly fell off my seat.

Deciding on the right publisher can determine the direction of your writing career, and can provide great financial compensation.

Drop by and tell us what your experiences have been.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Plot or Not

Fifty-eight year old, Rose Asbury knows people think she’s a recluse, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to be left alone. She doesn’t need anyone, and no one needs her and that’s just fine. At least she didn’t until this year. For some reason this year is different. Suddenly she’s melancholy and discontent with her life.

And the man next door doesn’t help matters. Every time he sees her, he insists on speaking to her. To make matters worse her sister’s ghost begins to harass her.

Roseanne Dowell, the author of Time to Live Again drops by Romancing the Pen to discuss plotting. Should you or should you not? What works best for you?

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My latest interview

I've been interviewed by Don McCauley of The Author Show please drop by and listen. It was a lot of fun! Don was extremely friendly and warm.

We did the interview really early in the morning ;-) Tell me if you can tell I was still in my robe.

Maybe I have another career opportunity as a radio DJ ;-)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How do you make the perfect book trailer?

Everytime I browse an author's site, and I come across a book trailer, I wonder if I need to make one. Do people really care? If so, how do I make a really good one?

Book trailers are an author's answer to a television commercial. But, just like the remote control impacted viewers' attention span, the nature of computers and the internet lends itself to even shorter attention spans and vast resources.

So, how do you really make a book trailer work for you, and can you do it yourself? Author, A.M. Wells, discusses her take on book trailers, and gives us an inside view into making trailers that can work for each of us, and our own works.

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