Friday, May 28, 2010

Kaye Manro visits Romancing the Pen

Kaye Manro has dropped by Romancing the Pen to discuss Sci-Fi romance, and her debut release from Red Rose Publishing, Forbidden Love.

Drop by, and join in the conversation.


T’Kon and Maya are galaxies apart, so different yet so much alike…

Exploring the galaxies at faster than light speed (FTL) is routine for the inhabitants of Asconage. T’Kon’s cool-blood culture exists on a planet in the scorch of binary suns. Yet there are governing archaic rules to prohibit interspecies mating with those from different worlds and evolutionary paths.

When T’Kon crashes his spacecraft on Terrain, a seasonal planet barely on the cusp of space travel, he cannot resist Maya, the warm-blooded audacious female who gives him aid. His desire for her entices him to abandon his species moral code.

There is little time to linger inside their illicit passion. The warring factions of her world are closing in. A quick fix of his spacecraft and a fast exit is his best choice. But can T’Kon leave Maya behind and forsake their emerging Forbidden Love?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voices from the Heart

Please drop by Voices from the Heart. A new place on the web for you and me brought to you by From the Heart (RWA affiliate chapter). Today, I blog about how life temporarily interrupted writing. Sometimes, we just don't know what life has planned, and when we are faced with life's little interruptions, we can either shrivel up or thrive.

Which one do you do? Drop by Voices from the Heart to read more about my personal experience.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Angela Kay Austin visits with Denyse Bridger

Today, I am visiting with prolific author Denyse Bridger. She's allowed me to discuss not giving up on dreams. Something that my latest release, Love's Chance also tackles.

The story of love between two people who must decide what is important life, love, career, or family. Is it possible to have everything?

I hope that you will drop by to visit.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toni V. Sweeney visits Romancing the Pen

Author Toni V. Sweeney chats about her latest double release from Double Dragon Publishing. Yes, double release!

Visit Angela Kay Austin's Romancing the Pen to find out what type of women it takes to tame the men of Toni V. Sweeney's Sinbad's Pride and A Singing in the Blood.

Sinbad's Pride: Family life can't keep a good smuggler down! To wife Andi's dismay, Sinbad sh'en Singh, now permanently installed as his grandsire's heir to the Province of Khurda, announces plans to once more take up smuggling, this time making his base of operations on Felida--and what's more, he intends to include the entire planet in the venture. The best part about the whole scheme is that, according to a loophole in the Treaty made when Felida was conquered, the Federation can't do a thing about it.

This time around, Kas sh'en Singh plays an important part in his cousin's plans, discovering a heretofore unknown relative in Sin's family tree. In the midst of it all, the children are growing up, becoming old enough to discover love and hate and make choices which will bring tragedy to some and happiness to others.

A Singing in the Blood: Riven kan Ingan has reached his middle years, settling comfortably into the life of a country giarl, and Life, in general, is good. Oh, there are a few things which could be better--such as his less than congenial relationship with son and heir Val or his discovery that second son Ilke wants to become a priest. At least the other children are still under control, and his beloved Barbara is just as loving and fiesty as ever. A treaty has been made with the Ghermians, and the barbarians are settling peacefully within Francovia’s borders. Too soon, however, their little bubble of contentment bursts. When a new sovereign comes to the Throne, civil war erupts between native Francovians and its foreign-born citizens, and Riven’s home and family are threatened as he is forced to choose between swearing loyalty to a madman or becoming a traitor to the country he loves.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pirated Books

Prior to becoming a published author, I like so many others didn't think much about things like Napster. Or even worse things like bootlegs or pirated works. I never joined napster or any similar program. I only just recently, with the gift of an iPOD from a friend, began to use iTunes. I never worried about pirated copies of anything because I'm odd in that I like to have all of my DVDs lined up nicely with cover art, same thing with music and books. And, before you ask...yes, they're alphabetical. I don't like to see heads that don't belong to the actors in my movie or hear laughter/music that is not part of the soundtrack.

Love's Chance was released in February, and yesterday, it was brought to my attention that it's listed on torrent sites (pirated copies). I would list them, but I hate to give them any more publicity, but on one site, Love's Chance had been downloaded 1371 times. Wow. At $3.99 per book, that could pay my mortgage.

I know that the people downloading the items believe that it causes no harm, but it does. As an author, you take a lot of time to create something you hope people will enjoy. And, if they enjoy it you hope they will share it, but not in the way these sites work.

I fully support sharing a love for any creative art with someone else, but pirating is not fair to artists, authors, publishers or sellers. The next time you wonder why the neighborhood bookstore or music store or video stoe closes, think about these sites. If you truly are a lover of the arts, I ask that if you come across any of these sites, you ask that they remove the products they have loaded instead of contributing to or downloading the items that are available.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Friend Kaye Manro

My friend, Kaye Manro, had an early release for her book Forbidden Love. For anyone who knows anything about Captain Kirk and his kiss with 'The Green Woman' or Uhura, this is the book for you because you understand The Romance of Science Fiction.

Visit her website; read an excerpt, and enjoy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Appearances for Angela Kay Austin in May

May 27th: Join me as I guest blog at Voices from the Heart. A new voice for you and me from From the Heart Romance Writers.

May 27th: Red Rose Publishing authors will be spending the day at NovelSisterhood. Stop by and join in the fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Angela Kay Austin's Romancing the Pen

Angela Kay Austin is announcing the launch of Romancing the Pen!

Love's Chance, my debut novel remained on RRP's Bestseller list for 10 weeks! And, I attribute that success not only to my publisher and editors, but to the fabulous authors I've met along the way. Each allowing me to visit their blogs to talk about my books, and why I love to write.

So, now, I invite you all to visit Romancing the Pen. I've asked these friends to share with my readers their stories and love for and about writing.

I hope you will visit soon and often!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Denyse Bridger visits Angela Kay Austin

Author Denyse Bridger discusses how she's used legend, murder, and romance to develop the plot for her latest work of fiction SHADES OF DEATH.

If you'd like to see how Denyse used years of research to pull together this magnificent read visit Angela Kay Austin's Romancing the Pen @

If you'd like to read the first chapter of the story, visit Denyse Bridger @

If you would like to purchase a copy today visit