Friday, May 28, 2010

Kaye Manro visits Romancing the Pen

Kaye Manro has dropped by Romancing the Pen to discuss Sci-Fi romance, and her debut release from Red Rose Publishing, Forbidden Love.

Drop by, and join in the conversation.


T’Kon and Maya are galaxies apart, so different yet so much alike…

Exploring the galaxies at faster than light speed (FTL) is routine for the inhabitants of Asconage. T’Kon’s cool-blood culture exists on a planet in the scorch of binary suns. Yet there are governing archaic rules to prohibit interspecies mating with those from different worlds and evolutionary paths.

When T’Kon crashes his spacecraft on Terrain, a seasonal planet barely on the cusp of space travel, he cannot resist Maya, the warm-blooded audacious female who gives him aid. His desire for her entices him to abandon his species moral code.

There is little time to linger inside their illicit passion. The warring factions of her world are closing in. A quick fix of his spacecraft and a fast exit is his best choice. But can T’Kon leave Maya behind and forsake their emerging Forbidden Love?

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  1. It's good to be visiting with you Angela! I love your concept for Romancing the Blog! Thanks for hosting me here on you blog as well!