Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toni V. Sweeney visits Romancing the Pen

Author Toni V. Sweeney chats about her latest double release from Double Dragon Publishing. Yes, double release!

Visit Angela Kay Austin's Romancing the Pen to find out what type of women it takes to tame the men of Toni V. Sweeney's Sinbad's Pride and A Singing in the Blood.

Sinbad's Pride: Family life can't keep a good smuggler down! To wife Andi's dismay, Sinbad sh'en Singh, now permanently installed as his grandsire's heir to the Province of Khurda, announces plans to once more take up smuggling, this time making his base of operations on Felida--and what's more, he intends to include the entire planet in the venture. The best part about the whole scheme is that, according to a loophole in the Treaty made when Felida was conquered, the Federation can't do a thing about it.

This time around, Kas sh'en Singh plays an important part in his cousin's plans, discovering a heretofore unknown relative in Sin's family tree. In the midst of it all, the children are growing up, becoming old enough to discover love and hate and make choices which will bring tragedy to some and happiness to others.

A Singing in the Blood: Riven kan Ingan has reached his middle years, settling comfortably into the life of a country giarl, and Life, in general, is good. Oh, there are a few things which could be better--such as his less than congenial relationship with son and heir Val or his discovery that second son Ilke wants to become a priest. At least the other children are still under control, and his beloved Barbara is just as loving and fiesty as ever. A treaty has been made with the Ghermians, and the barbarians are settling peacefully within Francovia’s borders. Too soon, however, their little bubble of contentment bursts. When a new sovereign comes to the Throne, civil war erupts between native Francovians and its foreign-born citizens, and Riven’s home and family are threatened as he is forced to choose between swearing loyalty to a madman or becoming a traitor to the country he loves.

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