Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Plot or Not

Fifty-eight year old, Rose Asbury knows people think she’s a recluse, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to be left alone. She doesn’t need anyone, and no one needs her and that’s just fine. At least she didn’t until this year. For some reason this year is different. Suddenly she’s melancholy and discontent with her life.

And the man next door doesn’t help matters. Every time he sees her, he insists on speaking to her. To make matters worse her sister’s ghost begins to harass her.

Roseanne Dowell, the author of Time to Live Again drops by Romancing the Pen to discuss plotting. Should you or should you not? What works best for you?

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  1. Excellent story line as usual Roseanne. Looking forward to what comes next.