Saturday, August 28, 2010

Murder, Hate, Love, Envy...what more does it have?

Icy Snow Blackstone, Class Act Books author, will be dropping by Romancing the Pen to discuss her latest book Brother Devil. A sequel to Bargain with Lucifer.

The story begins with a funeral…Michel’s wife Clarice is being buried after attempting to kill Luc and accidentally killing herself. She has not only left Michel a bewildered widower at the age of twenty-eight but also made him the nominal parent of a child who is possibly Luc’s son. Torn now between trying to reconcile with his brother in spite of his wife’s obsession with Luc and the question of the baby Michel-Clair’s paternity, Michel finds the problem partially solved when Luc returns to Texas, placing himself in therapy to save his own sanity as well as his marriage. Left with a plantation to run, a child to raise, and a sister-in-law to look after, Michel is overwhelmed by everything that has happened and only one thought surfaces in the turmoil of his mind: He’s now free…Luc is nowhere in sight…and there is an entire parish of women just waiting to be introduced to the other half of the Notorious Deveraux Boys. Married at the age of twenty and consequently stifled and frustrated in that marriage because of his wife preoccupation with Luc, Michel is ripe for a downward plunge into sexual excess and an overindulgence in the senses. He’s headed for trouble and enjoying all of it, and then… He meets a woman who looks like Clarice, and his fall is over. But is it too late for Le Ange to regain his halo? Or is he going to usurp his brother as Orleans Parish’s new diable?

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