Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you ever been stumped by the dreaded request for a 1 page synopsis?

The first time I had to write a synopsis, it ended up being a long back cover blurb. Too much tease. The absolute wrong thing to do, but I didn't know that until after a few lovely rejections, and a few wonderful classes.

Now, I can write a pretty good 5-7 page synopsis, but unless I'm writing a synopsis for a short story, writing the 1-2 pager still takes a bit of time, and a number of rewrites.

Margaret West has dropped by Romancing the Pen to discuss shortcuts to writing a strong synopsis.

Margaret West is the author of The Heart of a Warrior,and she’s been writing over 20 years and has numerous short stories, novels and articles published. Margaret writes romance and paranormals. Incorporating her spiritual experiences, into her books.

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