Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sex in Water?

So, you write erotica, or any type of Romance, and you're wondering just what out of the box thing, place, toy, or whatever can you add into your "sex" scenes to keep the reader interested.

Berengaria Brown drops by Romancing the Pen to discuss sex in the water.

“Tempting Tenealle” blurb:
Continuously overwhelmed by an unending inundation of visiting cousins, Tenealle decides the only solution is to buy a bigger apartment. Evan’s selling an apartment that is perfect for her. In fact, Evan and his partner, Faris, are perfect for her. How can she concentrate on renovating an apartment when she’d much rather be in their bedroom?

Evan has inherited his Great Aunt Enid’s apartment and doesn’t want to refurbish it, so is looking for a quick sale, even though his partner, Faris, can see its potential. They both see enormous potential in a relationship with the totally delicious Tenealle, despite her myriad cousins, too. But which cousin tried to harm her. And why? And what is the story about the fountain?

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