Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is your writing technique?

I thought about this, recently, as I cruised through the aisles of my local wine shop.

In February, I relocated from Maryland to Tennessee. Habitually, I drive to my favorite wine shop; pick up one of my favorite bottles, and I know my weekend of writing is set. Stare out of the window; write; a sip of my favorite cabernet...perfect Saturday.

But, wait...I have not been able to find my favorite cab or my backup (a tasty red zin) anywhere! What has this cold cruel world come to? Am I going to have to order them over the Internet and have them delivered to my new home or will I be forced to try others :-)

Okay, so trying others isn't soooo bad. But, it did throw a monkey wrench into my normal routine.

Have any of you every had something unexpected throw you off of your routine, and it couldn't be changed back?

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