Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best and worst bestselling authors?

Thursday, Aug 18th: Who, in your opinion are the best and worst bestselling authors out there in the market and why? Question provided by affiliate author Amy Romine.

Wow. Never expected this one. But, honestly, for me, there probably isn't a worst bestselling author. There are authors whose voice, writing style, or genres don't interest me. But, that just means the stories don't work for me.

Recently, there have been a string of YA novels turned into movies and television series. With one, the movies proved to be more interesting than I originally believed they would be, but with another...I believe there was one book too many. With yet another, neither the books nor the movies captured my attention, fully.

I absolutely loved the Sookie Stackhouse series of novels. Virtually gobbled them up. You would think I wouldn't like the cable series, but I loved it, too. Although it has it's own identity, which continues to pull away from the book series.

So, I guess, I don't believe there is a such thing as worst bestselling, but some of my favorite best bestselling authors are: Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, Terry McMillan, and so so many others.


The answer to that one is simple enough...they tell stories I want to read.


  1. You're right. A story's only a bestseller if you like it. What other people think of it really doesn't matter.
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!