Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Rose Publishing's Twelve Days of Christmas Releases

I know I've been buzzing about it for awhile now, but it's almost here!  My very first holiday release!!!

This short story touches my heart because it deals with a lot of what's happening today in America.  Everywhere we turn, there continues to be reports of foreclosures, abandoned homes, their impact on their communities.  Without the people living in those communities continuing to believe in the "American Dream," the values of the homes still standing in these affected communities would continue to fall.

In Christmas' Journey, I take a look at one woman's attempt to make a difference.

Blurb:  Christmas Davis wanted to give something back to the community she loved.  But, that opportunity was lost to her.  Although won by another, would his ambitions allow him to help those in need? 

Presley Marino knew she might say no, but she was the only person he wanted.  Together, they could change things in the hometown they both loved.  That part would be easy, but convincing her and his brother wouldn’t.

Would they allow an uneasy history to silence a need for change, or would they force a new beginning?

And don't forget to drop by Red Rose Publishing to take a look at these new releases for the Twelve Days of Christmas...

December 19

Under the Mistletoe by Vanessa Alexander Johnson
A Medieval Yule by Kay Manro

December 20

A Very Kinky Christmas by Michelle Cummings
Love Lifted Me by Jen a Galifany

December 21

A Master for Christmas by Aline de Chevigny 
The Figgy Pudding Disaster by Jennie Andrus

December 22

Secret Santa by Destiny Wallace
Christmas' Journey by Angela Kay Austin 
Kids and Christmas by K. D. Manasco

December 23

A Devil for Christmas by Jennifer Mueller
Sweet Surrender by Marilyn Lee
Christmas Blus by K. T. Bishop 

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