Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Ahhh Valentine's Day.  What is it that makes you love (or hate) the day so much?  I am like so many others, I've had my fragile love affair with V-Day.

Whether single or in a relationship (depending on where I am in a love affair,) I've attended the all black affairs, had the ladies' night out, curled up on my sofa with my lover, or just watched a movie with a bottle of wine.

But, why does Valentine's Day hold such an elite place in all our hearts?

Historically, the significance and origin of Valentine's Day is a bit scrambled to say the least.  Depending on which tale you choose to believe, maybe the day birthed from the tales of Chaucer, or they mark the history of one of the several historical figures (that can be found) who carried the name Valentine at a point in history that fits with the timeline of the holiday.  Who knows, the day has been added and removed from calendars throughout history.

What makes us treasure: hearts, birds, red, white as it relates to Valentine's Day?

Does this look familiar:

The rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou are my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine...

(I thought I thought of this as a kid..BRILLIANT! No, Gammer Gurton Garland, or any one of a number of poets before or after him who loved this particular form of poetry.)

Share some of your beautiful Valentine's Day poems with me.  I'd love to read them.


  1. Nice post, Angela! So for my "poem" I think I'll paste this line from one of my medieval tales (and from my blog post on courtly love today) right here:

    “My lady,” he at last spoke, “I have conquered demon foe. Aye, and stood the ramparts during the fatalist of sieges, battled yet the worst of my enemies. Nay, never until this day have I loved...”

    Happy Valentine's Day!