Sunday, May 20, 2012

Older women...younger men?

What is the attraction?

Most of the men I date are younger :-)  Why?  I'm not sure.  It just seems to be the way the cookie crumbles for me.   Several of my friends also date younger vs older men.  Do I consider myself a  I'm not rich enough or old enough (and don't ask me my age.)

My guest this week on Romancing the Pen, Morgan K. Wyatt, discusses her latest book Puppy Love.

Drop by and chat with us and let us now what you think about older women and younger men.

Theo decides to give up on love when she catches her sister in bed with her husband. Instead of blaming her sister or her husband, she blames herself, divorces her husband, distances herself from her sister, and shuts her heart to love.

Her son inadvertently pushes her back into the dating game when he drops off his puppy, Ollie, as he heads out to deployment abroad. He fails to inform her that the puppy isn’t even close to being trained or even somewhat obedient.

Ollie brings the dating-phobic Theo into contact with Westvale’s hottest bachelor, Dr. Brent Knight. Despite her best friend Lorna’s urging to go after him, Theo hangs back due the eleven year age gap and her past romantic history, but it doesn’t stop Ollie from barreling ahead.


  1. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for hosting me. Now it is my job to get the word out. Thanks again.

  2. I have no problem with older men and younger woman being together. People can date whom ever they choose, if you love someone and they love you what does it matter if there is an age difference. I really look forward to reading Your book Morgan, It looks amazing! Men and pupies!!! What could be cuter?


    1. Hi Alicia,
      What could be cuter than a man and a puppy? A man with two puppies? A man with a puppy cooking dinner? They all sound good to me. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I'd like to think I could get a younger man to notice me if I wanted. I think your story premise is great, Morgan. Best wishes for bountiful sales!

    1. Hi Ana Morgan,
      One of my co-worker's is married to a man twenty-two years younger. I believe he was a friend of her son's. She didn't try to get him to notice her she just befriended him. She even refused to go out with him after he asked several times. Now, they've been married for eleven years.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. I've already won a prize from you. know I'm a fan! ((Hugs)) great stuff.

  5. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am a fan of yours too, especially your cute avatar ( or are they called gravatar now?) I am not the most tech savvy person in the world.

  6. Hi, Morgan. Just stopped by to say Hi. I agree that men and puppies are a lethal combination!

  7. Hi Liz,
    You are a busy woman, Thanks for making time to stop by.