Monday, August 20, 2012

Book review - Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

First, I have to begin by saying that I read this book in two days!  Yes, two.  Also, let me say that I absolutely love all things Jeaniene Frost!  I literally gobbled up the Cat and Bones series, and I couldn't wait for this one to be released.

Now, that that is out of the way...

Talk, smoldering (literally,) and sexy!  Throughout the Cat and Bones series, we've been casually introduced to Vlad Tepesh, and personally, I've fallen a little in love with him every time, but I still love you Bones!  His hard and fast rules regarding loyalty both frighten and appeal to me.  Could anyone ever live up to it...who knows, but I definitely understand his want for loyalty, honesty, and love.

The book opens light and fun, and the action kicks in fast.  But, Jeaniene Frost doesn't spoon-feed you, she lets you discover the answers as the characters do.  Sometimes, maybe a step behind.  When I found myself asking the question of why, moments later the characters supplied an answer.  Although JF is writing in the world of paranormal, she doesn't front-load the story with unnecessary world-building, maybe because so much of it has already been introduced through Cat and Bones.

Vlad is one of JF's best Alpha males, and Leila is wonderful woman on a path of discovery.  The two of them together a very reminiscent of Cat and Bones, but still have their own identities.  But, JF, knows we love her other characters, and throws us a little cameo with a hint of mystery to keep us hungry for more.

Vlad and Leila's story is fast, fun, and a little heartbreaking, but every step of the way, I'm right there with them anxious to turn the page, but all the while dreading the last one.  Now that I've flipped that last page, I can't wait for that next one.  Spring is way to far away :-)

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