Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#BookReview - Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift

Finally, I've finished reading The Wolf Gift! It took longer than I'd planned, not because of the quality of the book.  But, because I dreaded finishing the book.  For many reasons, would the characters I'd grown to love die, where were the other werewolves, was there a bigger plan?

Anne slowly folded back the layers of the story.  She did it in such a way that my emotional connection with Reuben built to a level of true love for him and his well-being.

I still couldn't help writing the story in my mind.  I wanted more for Reuben's family.  When I say more, I mean I wanted them to be included more in the story of Reuben's life as a man wolf.  I kept imagining how his brother, mother, and father could contribute.

When I think about the men of the pack, I think of how great the members of Reuben's family would fit right in with them.  Including Reuben's girlfriend.

So,what does this mean for the book overall?

For me, it means that I wanted more at the end.  Maybe, Anne Rice's plan is to write a sequel.  Or, this will become a series.  And I know exactly how it should go :-)

But, I'll leave it to Anne.

For now, know that this book takes its time introducing you to Reuben.  But, you become so connected to Reuben that you fear for his safety and hope for his love.  You want his parents to be able to become part of his inner sanctum.  You cry for his brother's pain.

When the members of the pack finally make themselves known, you feel their power and the fear they place in those around them without even trying.  And you want to know more.  You want to know why they are feared so.

The ending has a little too much talk and not enough action because Anne preferred to leave all explanations until the last chapters of the book.  She keeps the readers as confused and two steps behind as she does Reuben.

I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants a good read with a well-developed character and story.  It's not a pace quickening thriller.  But, a comfortable read.

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