Saturday, April 20, 2013

#BookReview - A Perfect Darkness by @JamieRush

Yes, I've discovered a new series! Love it when I don't have to wait for the next book to release :-)

This book made me think of some of my favorite scifi TV shows and movies as I read it.

Amy Shane and Lucas Vanderwyck our heroine and hero in "A Perfect Darkness," are twenty-somethings and the offspring of parents who were part of an American CIA psychic program gone horribly wrong.

Amy Shane is the "typical" twenty-something loner type.  She makes her living working on computers hidden away from the world, until Lucas.

Lucas Vanderwyck stumbled on a secret because of his best friend/brother.  None of them knew what they were in for, but now that they're in it, they have to fight or die.

What I think I enjoyed most about this book was the way the love grew between Amy and Lucas.  She loved him through his art, his friends, and her dreams.  Awesome!

Lucas broke his promise to himself.  Trying to save her, he involved her in something he only partially understood.

Together with their friends, they begin to put together the puzzle pieces of their pasts.

Jaime did a great job with pulling me in and keeping me interested.  The characters were probably a little young for me.  (I'm not a super YA fan, and although this was not YA, the characters are young.)  But, I will read Eric and Petra's stories!

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