Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#BookReview -- Archangel's Storm by @NaliniSingh

One of the things I love most about picking up on a series late is that there are plenty of books for me to read.  Less of that frustration of having to wait for the next book :-)

After catching on to @NaliniSingh Archangel series, I was thrilled because there were several books for me to read.  But, now, it sucks because I've just read Archangel's Storm, and it is the last.  The next release will be Archangel's Legion, which won't be available for months.


For anyone who's read the series, or who has been reading it along with me, you're familiar with Jason.  He's the sad one.  The one with the beautiful tattoos that are mysterious and intriguing.

As Jason's story is told the sadness in my heart grew for him.  His tale is heartbreaking, and as it was told, I pictured the little boy -- fractured and alone -- in my mind.  The tears he shed for his mother, his family, I cried for him.  It was hauntingly distressful.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but there is a scene with a young Jason and his mother on the kitchen floor of their home that broke my heart.  From @NaliniSingh description to the emotion that shoots off the page, it broke my heart.  I was unable to read the words on the page through my tears.

Then, there's Mahiya.  Gentle, but strong.  When we're first introduced to her, I don't know if she's an enemy or a friend.  It couldn't be more perfect for a spymaster to have the this kind of puzzle in a woman.  It's a puzzle I can't tell you much about without spoiling it for you, just a little.

The complexity of Mahiya is, in part, due to her relationship with her aunt, Neha.  The one who both provides for her, and at the snap of a finger can take everything from her, including her life.

Jason is so dark and unknown, and Mahiya, although not dark, is also an unknown.  At times, her character seemed almost too gentle for Jason, but as Jason's story unfolds, you wonder if it's not just what he needs.

Throughout the story, there is a little interjection of another story line -- Dmitri and Honor, every time I read a piece of it, I kept expecting something catastrophic to happen. Hopefully, my fears will not come true.

I can't wait for Archangel's Legion!

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