Saturday, September 7, 2013

What do your #childhood favorites make you remember?

When I was a child, some of the things I loved most where:

-Boston Baked Beans
-those orange push up pop things that always melted before I finished them, and I'd end up licking it off my hands
-watching cartoons with my baby brother
-laying on the sofa on a rainy Sunday with the windows up listening to rain fall (I also loved the smell of honeysuckle in the air after the rain stopped.)

Yeah, life was pretty simple  for me as a child :-)

One of my absolute favorite things was sitting in front of the TV and watching Diana Ross' concerts live!  My
cousin and I never missed it.  We couldn't wait to see what she would walk wearing.  No one could ever do it like Lady D!

Hair! Outfit!  100% diva!

As much as I loved her as a child, I never saw her in concert.  Finally, that has changed.  My cousin and I saw her in concert, and I swear I felt like I'd been transported back in time.  Once again I felt like that young girl sitting in front of my parents' television bursting with excitement waiting for Lady D to hit the stage.

Absolutely awesome!  Next time, I'm bringing flowers, and I'll steady my nerves, walk to the stage, and present Lady D with the biggest bunch of flowers my arms can carry :-)

If you'd like to see some video from Diana Ross in concert in Memphis, TN, check out my YouTube Channel!

What did you love as a child?  How does it make you feel today?


  1. Wow,as I was reading your article I began thinking back to my childhood and some favorite memories - my dad was one of the biggest kids ever, lol, and we had such fun. My sis & I would watch TV with him and always dress up for the parts - shows like Combat, Rawhide, Car 54 and others, we had army helmets, cowboy hats, tin badges... it was like an interactive TV game. My mom didn't dress up but she often made us snacks that "fit", she served us things like matza for K-rations, chili & beans for our cowboy shows, and donuts (sorry) for the cop shows.

  2. I think it's cool to take a step back sometimes and allow ourselves to have a little fun. Tapping into the things that gave us joy as children gives us the chance to do just that.

    (It's really cool that your mom found her own way to join the fun.)

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