Sunday, October 13, 2013

On the Frontline now available in print!


On the Frontline
by Angela Kay Austin

Two terrific Angela Kay Austin short stories in print for the first time!

For those who serve, and the ones who love them.  

Scarlet’s Tears
When you lose everything you love, how are you supposed to believe it won't happen again? The knife at her throat didn't frighten Scarlet Anderson. In fact, it was a relief. Joshua Davis had faced a lot of challenges in his life, his faith and the love of his family had seen him through. But, no person could help him, now. How did he fall in love with someone who didn't love herself?


When you’re given away by people who are supposed to love you forever, it is hard to believe love and family really exist. JoAn Fentress thought the military would take care of her in the way her family never did, but that didn’t happen. Homeless on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, she walked through the only open door she could find, and it changed her life. And, then she met Jeremy...

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