Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What do you think is beautiful?

As I sit here flipping through the pages of one of my favorite catalogues, I have to ask myself, what is beauty?

Let me say, I am a 5'8" size six African-American woman, and of course, the first thing that jumps out at me is that I don't see many people in the magazine that look like me, my niece, or my young cousins.  Personally, I think I'm freaking gorgeous :-) But, perhaps, the people who produce the catalogue in my hands don't.  Do they think anything about me is sexy?  Height, weight, hair texture, ethnicity?

Like so many other girls, growing up, I wanted to be a model, actress, singer, whatever. I have tried many of them, too, but writing is where my heart finally landed.  But, writing isn't a full-time job.  Marketing is still how I pay my bills.

People might say that a lot of what I do is based on "appearances," but there is a lot of research behind the messaging and design of what I do.

And that's what makes me wonder what the message is behind the images on the pages of this catalogue.  Maybe, that's one of the reasons I love writing interracial romances.  Not just for the people who live and love it every day, but for people who don't.

John Mayer, infamously, was shunned by many after comments he made regarding what he found beautiful.

I'm a pretty equal opportunity kind of gal...Brad, Johnny, Idris, Shemar, Michael call me any time :-)  But, for so many of us, we still are not willing to look for different forms of beauty.


What's beautiful to you?

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