Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes, yes, I love J.R. Ward

Soap Opera style story-telling is how I’ve heard J.R. Ward’s writing described, and if I’m being totally honest, I hate soap operas, so it’s amazing for me to say how much I love her books.

The stories of Rhevenge and Phury didn’t engage me as much as the others, so I’d actually stopped reading them, but I jumped back on board because of RomanticTimes, and I’m quickly making my way through the remaining books in anticipation of the story of Blay and Quinn (Can’t wait for this one!)
Everyone out there has probably read Lover Mine, but just in case there are a few out there like me, I won’t spoil it for anyone.

John Matthew (I loved him before he was John Matthew and love him more now) is the kind of hero that many can relate to.  He was never perfect, and only because of his own moral compass did he not end up causing as much trouble as he fought.  But, when he finds the man that snatched his Xhex from underneath his nose, he will show him that he is a member of the Brotherhood for a reason.

Lash was privileged and took full advantage of what that afforded him.  Now, that he knows the secrets to his true identity, he wastes no time using what he now knows of himself to take revenge on those that have wronged him.  Kidnapping Xhex was meant to “get even” with those that pissed him off, but her fire and temper feed into his own twisted reality, and he falls in love with his captive.

Xhex only knows one thing—how to be a good assassin.  Love doesn’t play into her future.  The casual relationship she had with John Matthew was successfully put behind her.  But, now in the prison created for her by Lash the one thing that gives her peace is the memory of the gentle giant, John Matthew.  She needs to escape, revive, and get her revenge on the man that trapped her.

While the excitement of this moves forward, we learn more about Xhex and John’s connection.  Why John has always felt inexplicably pulled to the mysterious woman with the gun metal grey eyes.

And we learn why Xhex has chosen to cut herself off from love.  Why she believes her love can destroy a man and make him lose everything.

What I love about this book is that it takes me back to why I love to read J.R. Ward, it’s non-stop action that takes you right up to the big reveal. 

These books are not stand-alone, I believe you would be completely lost if you don’t start at book one, but hey that’s what a soap opera is all about…isn’t it.

I think that newer authors wouldn’t get away with the large chunks of Darius’ diary that were thrown in as stand-alone chapters.  But, as a lover of J.R. Ward, I kept reading and waiting for the connection not only of these chapters, but also of the chapters detailing the exploits of a ghost being chased by the paranormal film crew.  Yes, I said paranormal film crew.

Reading Lover Mine, at times, felt like reading three or four books at once, but at the end of the book I was happy.  Excited about the possibilities of the next books in the series, namely Tohr and Blay and Quinn.
Like always, the book moved fast, some of the twists were unexpected, and although the Darius chronicles and paranormal TV show interruptions slowed the pace of the book quite a bit, it enhanced the over all story.

I think the only story line that didn’t capture my interest in this book was Payne’s.  I’m hoping that her story will draw me in more because I have to read it, right?  Can’t miss out on anything that will be further developed for Tohr or Blay and Quinn.

Now, the only real distraction for me would be the slang.  I had to reread a lot of passages because I don’t have kids, and had no clue what J.R. Ward was talking about J

I was extremely happy with the conclusion of this story.  John Matthew has been one of my favorite characters since he first appeared in her books.

I’ve already got my Kleenex prepared for Tohr’s story.  I love him just as much as John Matthew!
I’d definitely recommend this book, but would advise that you pick it up from the beginning of the series.  It might get a little confusing if you don’t. 

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