Thursday, September 20, 2012

#BookReview - Lover Unleashed

You guys know I love all things J.R. Ward, but it took me some time to decide to read this one...I don't know why.  I guess I really didn't have much interest.  I think mainly because the heroine--Payne, hadn't really captured my interest in the other books that lead up to her own story.  J.R. Ward does such a great job of building anticipation for the next book.  I'm about to explode waiting on Lover At Last!  But, this one has sat on my Kindle for awhile.

Our heroine, Payne, is injured.  That injury requires the medical expertise of Dr. Manuel Manello. The introduction of a human into the clandestine world of the Black Dagger Brother possesses problems for many reasons.  But, the constant use of this doctor's abilities is needed.  However, the BDB's use of Dr. Manello begins to cause problems for him in the human world.

Also, we see the introduction of the Band of Bastards lead by Xcor, and learn why they are who they are separate, but equal in skill and ability.  The question that must be answered is: who is Xcor to Payne and Vishous?

The more questions I post here, the more I will raise or answer questions for those who've not read these books, and I'd hate to spoil it for you.

But, I will say that J.R. Ward continues to intrigue me with her ability to create couples that compliment each other seamlessly, which is why my heart quietly broke in this one for Vishous and his mate Jane.  I guess we'll all see what happens.

This books only continued to fuel my excitement for Blay and Quinn!  Stop teasing me!

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