Thursday, June 20, 2013

#BookReview - Archangel's Blade by @NaliniSingh

You guys all know by now that I'm a huge Nalini Singh fan. I love her stories for so many reasons.  One of them being the strength of her story telling.  I love the way she layers in her sub-plots and wraps up everything by the book's end in a way that makes me impatient for the next one.  Each book deepens your knowledge of the entire world the characters live within.

"Archangel's Blade" filled in so many questions for me about Dmitri.  I wanted his story, but honestly, didn't realize it would be so good.  Dmitri is Raphael's second.  He's a man of tremendous dedication and strength. But, you never know why he has such allegiance to Raphael or vice versa.

This book explains to us why Dmitri became a man deserving of the respect and friendship of an Archangel.

Honor, the heroine of the story, is just as broken and damaged as Dmitri.  There are still a few mysteries to Honor.  But, what we do know of her by the end of the book touches your heart.  And I found myself truly hoping that she discovered a way to become stronger and be able to grow closer to Dmitri, instead of running screaming from him.  (I might have run screaming in the other direction!)

As the story unfolds, and you learn more about Honor and who she could possibly be, the only thing you can do is smile.  Dmitri and Honor's tragic stories gives them a unique bond.  A bond that can't be broken by anything, not even time.

I love this series, and I hope it continues for many many more books.

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  1. It took me forever to read this series.. not to read it to start it. I kept getting lost in the "angels" aspect of it.. Once I read it I was so irked that I had waited so long.. LOL.. Great Series.. and I agree with the layering.. excellent description