Friday, June 21, 2013

So, I know you were wondering...why all the posts about audio books? #audiobooks

A while ago, my publisher told me that Vanilla Heart Publishing would begin to produce audio books.  I loved the idea, but I had to admit, most of what I listen to is music or educational teachings in audio.  So, I wanted to know more about who the audio book listener is. Read more here.

I found one among my own friends.  She's a single mother of one, and honestly, if it's not on audio book, she'll probably never get the chance to ever hear (read) it :-)

I drive a lot myself, and this makes me wonder why I never listened to narrated stories vs educational while driving.  No reason.  I guess I've just always picked up the book (ebook or print.) Now, that I have some of my own work available in this format, it's totally excited me.  Driving around while listening to someone narrate my!  This has to be how singers feel the first time they hear their songs on the radio.

Love love love it!

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