Thursday, May 26, 2011

What influences your decision to buy? Cover? Blurb?

QUESTION: Put on your reader's hat. When shopping for a book, what do you look at to help you make a decision whether or not to purchase? How important is the cover art compared to the blurb?

Question provided by affiliate author Ginger Simpson.

I debate this with friends and other writers often because, personally, as a reader, the first thing I do is read the back cover blurb. Then I flip it over and read the opening scene of the first chapter. The cover art is probably the last thing I check. Of course, all of this goes out of the window if it's an author that I love. Then, I just pick it up blindly...hoping that this one is as good as the last one :-).


  1. Hi Angela!

    You've made a good point there - If I know and love the author, I'll also pick it up blindly in the hope that the author in question will not disappoint! :)

    Here is my answer to this week's blog hop!



  2. If I'm buying online, it's the blurb. In a bookstore, I'm usually drawn to the cover first.