Thursday, July 14, 2011

What good are blogs for brand name building?

QUESTION: Do blogs or serializing your novel on line really help build your brand name? Question provided by Alternative-Read Affiliate author Wendy Woods.

Okay, I'm going to answer this question from a few angles: reader, writer, and marketer.

Reader: I love the connection I get when I stumble upon any information about authors, actors, musicians I love. And when it comes from "them," I treasure it even more. When I can interact with it, OMG!, I am in heaven. I feel like part of their entourage!

Writer: Because I know how it affects me as a reader, I attempt to provide my readers with the same connection I love and crave. I want them to know what spurred story ideas, to know when a new piece will be available, to let them know what else is going on--in general, beyond my writing.

Marketer: Social media, series, free reads, contests, etc. are great tools for developing new inventive ways to connect with and maintain relationships with readers, other authors, and potential publishers.

It is a way to strengthen readers knowledge of you and creating a bond, but there's also the chance that they won't like you. There is a delicate balance.


  1. Hi there, Angela! Great post, I love the way you looked at this from three different prospectives.

    It is amazing how much hard work it is to keep promoting, but it's worth it and a lot of fun.

    Here's my answer to this week's blog hop question! Iceberg ahead!


  2. Nicely put! You took a topic that seems a little dry and made it very interesting. :)

  3. Angelika and Dianne, thanks for dropping by!

    Networking whether online or face-to-face is hard work, but like you said, Angelika, it is sooooo worth it. And you meet people all over the world ;-)