Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conquering your fears...

What does it mean?

Does it mean to completely eradicate any and all apprehension you may have at the simple of thought of something?  Or does it mean to peacefully exist with that slightly irrational piece of yourself?  Is it even irrational?

Lots of people fear:
-public speaking
-the dark

Me...what is my fear you ask?  Bridges.  There was a time when I thought they were beautiful...truly architectural wonders.  Then, there was a time when I preferred to look vs. drive over them.  Then, it turned into only driving over them at night.

Now, it's freaking maddening.  The idea of driving over one a year from now would have me researching ways to avoid driving over it ;-)  I simply don't understand where it came from.

Fast forward, for work, I had to drive from Tennessee to Arkansas.  In order to do that, I had to drive across this...

...and not at night!

So, as I researched flights, trains, buses, etc. I really took a look at myself, and wondered just how far I was willing to go to avoid driving over that freaking bridge.

Finally, I decided that was a far as I would go.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on anything, when I could simply hop in my car and go.  Did I mention that the train would take 10 hours, and that it cost $300 one way!  By car, two hours and a tank of gas.

I threw my suitcase in the car, grabbed my phone, and headed for that $#@! bridge!

Have you ever in life felt like something literally crawled up your leg, slinked up your back, and some way wormed it's way into your heart, and slowly squeezed?

Well, I have, and it's not fun...not at all.

But, happy dance time, I FREAKING DID IT!  YES YES YES.  And not only did I do it once...I did it TWICE!

I haven't conquered it, hasn't conquered me!

Have you ever had to fight against a crippling fear? (I hope you won.)

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