Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snoopy Happy Dance!!!

Give Me Everything is a story idea that came to me in bits and pieces, literally.  After having a conversation with a close male friend about his divorce, this story was born.

So often we look at the relationships from women's point of view, very rarely from inside of the man's head.  Kendis Washington spoke very loudly to me.  But, the love of his life spoke a little more softly.  After I took time to get to know her, I understood why.  She was afraid to love again, of course.  But, not because she didn't want love because it had hurt her and left an ugly scar.

I hope that readers will enjoy this book as much as I loved writing it.  It made me cry, and it made me laugh.  I think it will touch your heart.

Blurb: He’d sat on top of the world... the perfect woman, a daughter, and a job that made his father proud. Now, Kendis was divorced, and his daughter wasn’t really his. At least, he has a good Brady and Associates, the firm that sends him to Maryland for their client, Eastover. Eastover, one of Maryland’s largest commercial real estate developers, is on a mission to take over older, outdated malls.

She’d been through the wringer in her personal life, and now LaKia thinks the only thing she can control is her career as Marketing Director for a small commercial real estate company. She’d always wanted marriage and children like her best friend has... but she’s given up on ever finding her own Mr. Right.

Until Kendis. He gave her everything, and she gave it right back.

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  1. I LOVE this cover!! Congrats and good luck, Angela!