Sunday, January 20, 2013

#BookReview - Archangel's Kiss by @NaliniSingh

Yes, I hit my magic button when I put down Angels' Bood, and freaking immediately began reading Archangel's Kiss!

I mean, what was I supposed to do.  The freaking angel was in my dreams.  I had angelfire coming from my own fingers.  Honestly, I was forced to do it.  I won't start Archangel's Consort until...January.  Maybe :-)

Raphael is delicious and I kick Elena out as much as possible.  

Archangel's Kiss catches us up on what happened in Angels' Blood.  For people like me, this allows you to not necessarily have to read Angels' Blood to know what's going on.  

Nalini continues to introduce readers to her group of god-like angels.  Their faults:  jealousies, pettiness, and power struggles.  Like Elena, my heart breaks a little more with the knowledge of each angel's human-like behavior.  

Along with Elena, I want the angels to be better than me.  And if they can't be, then I want Raphael to kick their arses!

There are a number of sub-plots in this book.  Nalini does a great job of giving you just enough of each to tantalize.  Enough to make you want to know more.  Where's Raphael's mother?  What will Neha do next?  What is Lijuan?

So many questions.

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