Friday, January 25, 2013

Please tell me when did I become my mother!

First, let me say "I love my mother!"  But, when did I become her?  I don't understand how it happened.  It's like one day I opened my eyes, and "whammo!" she was starring back at me from my mirror.

How or why?

Dating, or should I say courting.

While watching the news the other day, I realized that I am one of "those people."  I love every gadget I can get my hands on: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire.  I love all things social media: blogs, vlogs, Twitter, and (kind of) FaceBook :-)  but when it comes to dating...I am my mother.

The news story was about what's acceptable when asking a woman out on a date.  Your choices are: texting, calling, emailing, or face-to-face.

For me, there are only two choices: face-to-face and calling.  Why because the other two seem impersonal and cold.  I use email and text for promoting and selling products for companies that I work for and with.  I use them both to push information out to people.  But, usually it's from masked addresses that often don't allow responses.

But, now, they seem to be "okay" methods to ask a woman out.  So, then what happens?  Do you plan your date by text or email, too?  Why do you need the other person?  You might as well have a virtual date.  Okay, okay, maybe it's not that dramatic, I'm just saying.  How do I know that same guy didn't send the same invitation to ten other women, and was simply waiting to see who responded first.  Maybe, he would do the same thing if he looked me in my eye or called, but I don't know, I guess it makes me feel differently when I hear his voice or look into his eyes.

I remember talking with my mother, her sisters, and my grandmother about men.  Men should do this.  Men should do that.  Or, women should do this or that.  I rebelled against most of it because to me it all seemed so stereotypical.  And I refused to be the "stereotypical" southern woman.

Now, the only thing I can think about is how much  I kind of wish some of those old school things would come back.  

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