Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alternative-Read's Thursday Author Blog Hop

THIS WEEK'S AUTHOR BLOG HOP QUESTION FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd IS ABOUT: Writing scenes(Part One): How would you define a 'twist'? Do you use a twist in every scene or just at the end of the book? Question provided by affiliate author L. P Robinson (Part two is next week!)

I discussed this with a writing friend, and I think for me, it depends on what I'm writing.

I don't write thriller/suspense, as a norm. But, I think in certain types of writing twist after twist, is expected and encouraged. I think they add to the "tension" of a suspenseful thriller, similarly so in horror, paranormal, etc. The author leads you in one direction, and then snatches that safety net from up under you, and sends you in a completely different direction.

My plots will definitely have twists because I don't want to reader to figure out how or when or why things are going to happen, even if they think they know what will happen. But, perhaps, not as many as other genres.

My "voice", the way I tell a story, dictates my plot twists.


  1. It's interesting, isn't it, how we think differently depending on the voice? And I agree that it's more the voice than the genre itself that dictates how we construct the plot.

  2. I only use twists at key points in a story. Love how we all write so differenly.

  3. I think if you're writing mysteries or paranormal you might need to use plot twists more. I like urban fantasy because it has so many twists. It's like reading on a merry-go-round.:) The Dresden Files is a good example of this kind of twisting.

  4. Voice and genre do have a lot to do with your twists, but I feel story also plays a big role.

    Cher Green

  5. Hi Angela,

    I'm a little late in responding, but yes, I agree with everyone here, voice and genre do have a lot of say, and it's a very interesting point.

    Here's my response to this week's blog hop question! I'll try not to be so slow next week! ;)



  6. I agree, there are certain genre's that demand it more than others. I am catching up this week, great piece, thanks. Here is my link.