Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great fan fiction

This week on Romancing the Pen, Vila SpiderHawk drops by to share with us a great piece of fan fiction.

With this short piece, she introduces us to Klaus one of the characters in her novel Forest Song: Little Mother available from Vanilla Heart Publishing.

Blurb: Forest Song: Little Mother continues the narration of Judy Baumann's adventures in the woods from the Vila SpiderHawk novel Forest Song: Finding Home. In this volume, Judy reluctantly moves from her teacher's house into a home of her own. She helps the forest denizens hide Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and in the process finds a new way to relate to her mother, learns to count on and honor her powers, rescues a friend from Dachau, and discovers sexual love. She also learns to cope with loss and to go on in spite of disappointment. In the end she becomes a mother in an unconventional way. A story of trial and healing, this is a beautiful tale of a young woman s coming of age.

Drop by Romancing the Pen to meet Klaus and Vila!

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