Friday, June 24, 2011

The disappearing pieces of my childhood

Recently, I saw a brief story on CNN about the ten brands that will disappear in 2012. The list included: Sears, Sony Pictures, American Apparel, Nokia, Saab, A&W All-American Foods Restaurants, Soap Opera Digest, Sony Ericsson, MySpace, and Kellogg’s Corn Pops.

As a child, I think my parents took my brother and me to Sears for something or another every weekend. And if we needed an electronic appliance for anything, it was definitely purchased from Sears. They had the best guarantees and warranties around.

Do you remember when everyone had to have a Nokia phone?

Corn Pops. Wow, my brother and I would eat one box in a couple of days because we loved them so much. It was delicious and sweet. And our parents would let us eat it! We didn't have to beg for it.

MySpace. How did they lose so much ground so quickly to their competition? But, I have to admit, I don't even use my MySpace page any longer.

What does all of this mean?

When I have children, will anything from my childhood exist? Will I need to take my children to a museum to show them the things I grew up with?

Will they look at me in total amazement, and say "Huh. You actually had to hold your phone it, wasn't combined with your televisions?"

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