Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#BookReview - Archangel's Consort by @NaliniSingh

You guys already know that I caught onto this series late, and I love it.  And I still have two more books to read, and another one will release in 2013!

Just to catch you up.  Archangel's Consort is the third book in the series.  The series follows the love and relationship between Elena and Raphael.  Elena is hunter-born, and in the world Nalini Singh has created that  means Elena hunts and returns rogue vampires to their owners, angels.  Raphael is an archangel who rules over the territory that includes New York which is where Elena lives and works.

At this point in the series, Elena and Raphael are a couple.  But, no one respects the immortal newly-Made.  This is something that constantly places Elena in danger, and maybe Raphael.

Because there may be other late-comers out there like me, I will breeze over some of the story because it would be a complete spoiler if you haven't read Archangel's Kiss.

In this book, the reader is re-introduced to an old nemesis, as well as, the possibility of a new one, Raphael's mother--Caliane.

Immortality sounds like it would be wonderful until you have people losing their minds, bringing people back from the dead, or killing everything they see.  And let's not forget that you outlive every one you love.

The ending left me wanting a little more.  I'm anxious to know more about everything.  There were no pretty little ribbons wrapped around the end of this book.  At it's conclusion, we have the reappearance of an old nemesis, and another who we can't quite figure out, yet.  And by the book's end, Raphael is sitting beside one of them as if nothing ever happened.  Not me!  I'd still be trying to shoot her full of angelfire.

Guess, that's just me :-)

Anyway, still loving the series, and looking forward to Dmitri's story, next.  I think it'll be fun to watch him fall in love after all the trouble he causes Elena.

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