Monday, February 25, 2013

Work in Progress #research

I've been attending an event at one of my local libraries, "Making Sense of the American Civil War."  This program is a series of five discussions about the Civil War.  The American Library Association designed the program to converge with the 150th year mark of the Civil War.

As a part of the program, they've selected several books to accompany the discussions.
-"March" by Geraldine Brooks
-"America's War" an anthology
-"Crossroads of Freedom" by James M. McPherson

These materials pull us into the world of the Civil War through historical fiction, speeches, and journals.

I have been amazed at the stories.  Until I began the research for my WIP, I'd never read some of the selected materials.

I don't know if there are any history buffs out there, but if there are I would suggest reading America's War.  It's really been a truly eye opening piece for me.


  1. Love researching for my stories xx one of my favorite parts of the process xx sounds like you're enjoying getting stuck in, too!

  2. Eventually, I'll have to stop reading, and start writing :-)