Saturday, March 9, 2013

Derailed is now available!

I'm excited!  "Derailed" is my homage to women military vets.  Most of you know by now that many members of my family have served in the military.  Primarily the men of my family.  I think that along with a lot of news broadcasts highlighting the plight of women vets and the differences between the needs of women and men made me wonder what happens to our women in the military.

I watched interviews, read a ton of news stories, and the end results became what is now "Derailed."

Now that women have been given permission to be in the "combat" zones of war, I think the struggles and battles of women post-war will become even more important.  (Most of the men and women vets I've spoken with all believe that women have been on the front-lines during every war.  They just weren't being paid for it.)

Women, like men, face homelessness, joblessness, single parent issues when they are no longer on active duty.  But, the "root" cause of the battles women struggle against are not always the mirror image of men.

"Derailed" is my short story that tells one possibility.

Blurb:  When you’re given away by the people who are supposed to love you forever, it makes it hard to believe love and family really exist.

JoAn Fentress thought the military would take care of her in the way her family never did, but that didn’t happen.  Homeless on the streets of Memphis, TN, she walked through the only open door she could find, and it changed her life.

Jeremy Hooks needed only to smile, and the world gave him whatever he asked of it.  Eventually, people stop partying, right…at least when they’re threatened.  He has one more chance to prove himself before he loses everything.

Read and excerpt on my website: Derailed excerpt.

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