Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Series TV -- love it or hate it?

I always say that I don't watch much television.  I should modify that to say, I don't watch much series TV.  I love movies, and lately I've become addicted to Netflix, and watch movies on everything, including my smart phone.

But, gremlins have crept into my brain, and snatched it.  I'm hooked on: "The Walking Dead," "The Following," and reruns of "The Big Bang Theory."

Can somebody anybody tell me why?  What's happened to me?

"The Walking Dead"!  Zombies, really.  Rotting, slow walking, munching on my flesh zombies!  I watch this show, and I hate to be interrupted while I'm watching it.  I don't like to take phone calls during any of my shows, unless you're watching it, too. :-)

I can't even say that I know the characters' names, but the little boy in "The Walking Dead" breaks my heart every time I watch it.  I hate that he's facing such struggles.  Then, I think, people face crazy hard struggles every day.  And to be slapped with children dealing with it, it makes me want to wrap them all up in some magical something that will protect them.  When you make it zombies, the battle seems easier.  You hide, fight, and kill.  But, in life it's not so easy.

"The Following" is a little different.  I'm torn.  I both love and hate the show.  I feel a little like I'm watching a night-time soap opera because of the way the show ends every week.  But, I love the battle with the Joe.  Who doesn't love Kevin Bacon?  It's great to see him again, but I am going to need to see him have  win soon, or I might have to stop watching.

"The Big Bang Theory" why did I catch onto this show so late?!  It's great.  I love Sheldon's innocence.  The whole cast of characters keeps me laughing, and they take my mind off my own worries.  It's is truly escapism into light-hearted, unoffensive humor.  Love it!

My dvr is going to make me so so happy in the future!  And my Netflix account :-)

What are you guys watching?


  1. My husband and kids love The Walking Dead. I have no idea what the hook is, but I know when they're watching it they want absolute, complete silence.

  2. Melinda, I want the same :-) You have to concentrate. Someone you love on the show could be eaten at any moment. Maybe that's why I like it. It's not as predictable as regular network shows. They'd never kill off the leads.